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What We Do


Strategic Planning

HighgateGlobal specializes in strategic planning, organizational modeling, board development, capability & capacity planning and grant writing for nonprofit organizations. In addition, we run a series of workshops and webinars to help in the professional development and skill building for board members, staff and volunteers. With over 20-years of experience in working with nonprofit organization, we bring passion, dedication and industry expertise to everything we do.

HighgateGlobal has created a streamlined and comprehensive strategic planning process. Through primary and secondary research, we complete our strategic planning is no more than four months at a predictable and affordable cost.

Organizational Modeling

Organizational Modeling is a mechanism to help nonprofit organizations and boards understand whom they serve, how they connect with their beneficiaries, what their key activities are, what resources are required to perform these activities and, most importantly, what are the key value differentiators that the organization provides to each beneficiary stakeholder. It helps board and staff unify and become aligned so as to create strategies for the future that are based on common agreement and understanding of the goals of the organization. It is also a very good team-building exercise.

A Capability & Capacity assessment is an evaluation of your nonprofit organization’s resources, programs, internal processes, fundraising activities, documentation, policies and practices. The total assessment is a way to evaluate your organization’s performance and results as well as its capacity and capability to develop for the future.  HighgateGlobal's S6 assessment process is a way to generate new ideas and specific recommendations for improving your organization’s internal process, helping it begin to think about future strategies and start the process of developing new ways to become more effective and efficient.

Capability & Capacity Assessment
Board Development

Recruiting and developing a full board for an organization can take several months or even years. Using tried and tested processes, forms, tools and techniques, HighgateGlobal works with organization to maximize the board recruiting efforts and reduce the time required to develop and create an expanded board. Throughout this process, your organization will learn the mechanism of recruiting board members, eventually being able to continue the process without the involvement of HighgateGlobal.

Grant Writing

Through HighgateGlobal's subsidiary organization, Grants for Arts, we offer a boutique, grant writing service that helps you define your grant writing needs, research foundation options, create and compile the grant proposal and steward the application through the process.


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